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10 Insanely Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

When it comes to organizing a small kitchen can be challenging at times. This is because some kitchen utensils occupy a lot of space, keeping in mind it’s a small kitchen it can be one hell of a duty to perform. All in all homes are meant for free expression and therefore a small kitchen can be organized any how the owner wants it.
The following are 10 insanely clever ways to organize your tiny kitchen.


1) Create a pocket under your sink storage
This pocket under the sink storage will be used to hold gloves, dish scrubbers and also dish sponge.
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2) Create a magnetic spice rack
This is done by hanging a sheet tin on the inside of the cabinet in order to have a magnetic spice rack.
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3) Make shelves on top of shelves
This will create more space for bowls that are spacious and the shelves under shelves will create space for small utensils like cups and plates.
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4) Use pan dividers
This will make your work easier when you want a pan and you will not require to look for it for so long.
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5) Have a table that folds into the wall
With this kind of a table you can get a chair or two and make it the dining table.
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6) Have small rolling kitchen carts
The cart will serve as spice holder in case there no enough space to hold the spices.
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7) You can have a pegboard wall organizer
Sarah Coffey / apartmenttherapy.com
The pegboard will be used to hold pots and other utensils like cooking spoons. This is good if there are no cabinets on the walls.
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8) Have a magnetic knife strip
Sherrie and Oliver / apartmenttherapy.com
Instead of using knife holders you can have a magnetic knife strip on the wall.
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9) Use moldable glue to make lid holders in the cabinet
The moldable glue is for holding lids in the cabinet in order to reduce congestion if kept with the pots.

10) Get rolling shelves
The rolling shelves enable one to organize staffs in order and in one place that is easily accessible.
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