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7 Genuinely Cool Things You Can Make Out Of An Old Tube For Potato Chips

The cardboard tube that remains after you have eaten all the chips is useful. In fact, you can make seven things out of it. Here are some DIY tips.


1. A Decorative Vase
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Decorate or paint the cardboard's exterior. Put some flowers in it and then place it on your outdoor dining table. It will blend in with the environment.

2. A Gift Box
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People use an oversized gift box in most cases because finding a small and unused box is challenging. Fortunately, you can buy wrapping paper and then wrap it around the empty cardboard tube. Drop a gift inside it, cover it, and then present it to your loved one.

3. Storage Container
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You can store pasta or cereals in this cardboard tube. In fact, it is an ideal place to store dry spaghetti because of its length. Keep it away from wet surfaces.

4. Holder for Plastic Bags and Cotton Disks
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Fill the cardboard tube with plastic bags. Cut a hole in the tube's lid. Then remove plastic bags through this lid when you need them. Alternatively, you can cut a circular hole at the bottom. Then you can fill the cardboard tube with cotton disks. Remove them one by one through the circular hole at the bottom of the tube whenever you need them.

5. A Mold Item for Candles
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Molding is fun because it helps you create artistic things. In this case, the empty cardboard tube would help you make candles. Fill it with molten wax. A wick should be standing freely in the tube as you pour in the wax.

6. Stationery Holder
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Fill the empty tube with pens, paintbrushes, pencils, and other small items. Place it at a strategic location on your desk so that it does not fall spilling its contents. Similarly, you can also turn it into a holder for knitting needles.

7. Toy House
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These empty cardboards tubes are ideal for a well-decorated tower that resembles those found in castles. You can cut out some parts while adding others so that it seems as authentic as possible. Decorations would add to its authenticity as well.

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