10 Impossibly Easy Kitchen DIYs That Only Look Expensive

Tired of your old, boring kitchen? A new one could cost a lot, but you don't need to spend a lot of money to make it look more sophisticated and chic. Just use these 10 easy DIYs to breathe new life into your old kitchen!

1. Gold makes everything look better
Houzz / Via pinterest.com
Refresh the look of your old shelves by spray-painting the metal parts gold. If you don't have open shelves just buy the cheapest and paint them - they will look much more expensive.
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2. And when you combine it with duct tape...
Ruth Eileen Photography / Via honeyandfitz.com
Most kitchens have many clean surfaces. Use golden duct tape on some to create stripes - it can look very modern and chic, just be careful so you don't overdo it!
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3. Hang your pots
Not only Gordon Ramsey's kitchen has to look cool. Place a tension rod above your stove and hang pans and pots. Your kitchen will look more professional and cooking will be much simpler since everything will be easy to grab.

4. Patterned wallpaper
If all walls in your kitchen are painted the same color, that may make it look dull. Use patterned wallpaper on some or all walls for a brighter look.
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5. Add some color
Instead of using wallpaper, you can use thick Washi tape to create stripes on your walls. You can combine 2 or 3 different colors - just make sure they go well together. The results will be stunning!

6. Hide your hooks
Use the pattern of your wallpaper to hide cheap plastic hooks: place the hooks in the right spots so they "merge" with the wall. The effect will be even better if you use them to hang interesting kitchen stuff in nice colors.
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7. Marble is expensive...
...but marble patterned contact paper isn't. Make your kitchen look more sophisticated by covering the top and the sides of your kitchen counters with it. For even better look, use this paper on walls too.
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8. Dots, dots, dots
Polka dots are always in, so why not upgrade your kitchen by decorating a clean surface, such as refrigerator or dishwasher with them? Stick round black color coding labels over the surface regularly to create this interesting look.

9. Open shelves collage
There are people who don't like to display their stuff on open shelves, but the truth is, it can add life to a blank wall. Use pottery, plates and plants to create an interesting, chic collage. Once again, make sure to use colors that go well together. You may also match the color of displayed stuff with the color of the wall behind.
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10. A cart
What sounds more high-end then a good-looking cart? Buy a simple, cheap cube shaped bookshelf and attach wheels and handles to it. Congratulations, you just got an interesting and unique cart! Make wheels and handles golden for a more expensive look.
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Voila, your kitchen looks much better now!

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