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12 Squeaky-Clean Laundry Hacks

Many of us do spend much on laundry to remove stains from our garments. Even, some of us do lose hope and give up our highly cherished dresses to stains while there are DIY laundry hacks that can save our wallets. Here, we present you 12 Squeaky-Clean Laundry Hacks that will save you a headache.

1. Lip Stick Stain Removal with a Ball of Bread
With a loaf of bread, you can easily remove a lipstick stain. Firstly remove the crusts from the loaf of bread, roll the loaf bread into a ball and then gently use it to blot out the lipstick stain. While doing this, the bread ball will be lifting the stain off your garment. Remove the remaining stain in a normal wash cycle.

2. Ink Stain Removal with an Alcohol-Based Product
Alcohol is a powerful stain for removing ink stains. Once you have an alcohol-based product, such as a hand sanitizer or a non-aerosol hairspray, you are good to go. Just get the stained part of your clothe soaked in any of the liquids for about ten minutes and then wash normally and bingo! No mess.

3. Grease Stain Removal with Chalk
Grind some pieces of chalk into powder, rub the powder on the grease stain. The chalk powder will absorb the grease, and this makes the grease easily removable from your garment by normal laundry soap.

4. Grease Stain Removal by Baby Powder
Sprinkle baby powder on the grease stain so that the baby powder completely absorbs the grease from the clothing. Launder it normally and the grease stain will be completely off.

5. Removal of Sweat Stains
Sweat stains under the sleeves and around the collar of the garment can be easily removed by items from kitchen and medicine cabinets, such as table salt, Aspirin, white vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda. Rub any of these items on the sweat stains and wash normally.

6. Odour Removal from Garment with Vinegar
Prepare vinegar solution by mixing it with an equal volume of water in a spray bottle. Turn the garment inside out and lightly squirt the vinegar solution on the clothing. The vinegar odour will vanish as the garment dries.

7. Odour Removal with Lavender
Another liquid that can be used to remove odour from clothing is lavender. Nevertheless, you need to spray lavender on your cloth before washing it.

8. Cloth Whitening with Baking Soda
Baking soda is an excellent bleach alternative that you can use to make your white dresses look admirable. Add baking soda to your wash, it will help you remove stains and whiten your white.

9. Acrylic Paint Stain Removal with Alcohol
Use alcohol-soaked papers towel to rub the area of the garment stained with acrylic paint until the area becomes saturated with the alcohol. The alcohol works by breaking down resins in the paint, which makes the stain easily removable. With aid of your fingernail, keep scratching the paint stain and applying more alcohol to the area until the stain becomes unnoticeable. The remaining stain will be removed in a wash cycle.

10. Saving Time Sorting Clothes
Besides the fact that sorting clothes is time-consuming, most of us find the process stressful. We can save ourselves from these stress by getting four cheap laundry baskets: one for white clothes, one for bright clothes, one for dark clothes and one for dry cleaning.

11. Aluminium Foils as Dryer Sheets
You can save your wallet on dryer sheets by using aluminium foils as substitutes. All you have to do is to squeeze the aluminium foil into a ball and place it in the dryer with the wet clothes. You can make use of the balls for up to 6b months.

12. Getting Rid of Dryer Sheet Smell
If you are fed up with dryer sheet smell on your clothes and you want to get rid of the smell. You can do this by using the following simple trick: Soak a hand towel in a fabric softer, squeeze out every drop from the towel and allow it to completely dry. Then throw it in your dryer along with clothes using it as a dryer sheet. You can use it for 40 to 50 loads before soaking it again.

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