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10 Coca-Cola Hacks That Actually Work!

Who on Earth does not know about the popular soda drink, Coca Cola? No matter where you go, you will be able to find it somewhere around. We all like to drink it with Hamburgers, Pizzas, but most of us are not aware of the other possible uses of Coca Cola besides drinking. It can assist you with many different home cleaning jobs that you never thought to be possible with it.

Here are 10 Home Cleaning Tricks Using Coca Cola.

10- Toilet Cleaner:

Source : http://lifecheating.com

Most people will be little apprehensive while pouring their favorite drink into the toilet bowl. As Coca Cola is highly acidic, it can keep your toilet clean. You just need to pour a can of coke into your toilet bowl and let it rest there for about fifteen minutes. Use a toilet wand to clean the surface and flush it.

9- Stain Remover :

Source : Wikimedia Commons

You can pour some coke with your detergent in your wash to remove the stubborn stains from your clothes. The carbonic acid and the phosphoric acid in the coca cola will remove the stain and deodorize your clothes.

8- Rust Remover :

Source : http://www.fabhow.com

Rust is not easy to remove. If you try to scrub the metal sheet too hard with a tool, you can end up making dents or scrapping of the metal. You can use Coca Cola just like any other cleaner and wipe off the dust with a cloth. If the item is small enough, you can dip it in a container filled with Coke and let it sit there for an hour. After one hour, you can take it out and clean it with a cloth.

7- Burnt Pot Cleaner :

Source : rochelle hartman / flickr

When you burn your food inside the container, it becomes too hard to clean it. Soap just does not seem to work on it, and scrubbing takes a lot of effort. Coca Cola can help you with that. Pour Coca Cola into the hot burnt pot and let it rest for about one hour. After an hour, you can wipe away all the gunk from the pot with a regular sponge. If it does not clean the pot completely, you can repeat the process.

6- Blood Stain Diluter :

Source : http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com

Coca Cola can dilute or completely remove the blood stains from the floor, furniture, walls, carpets, and clothes.

5- Copper Tarnish Remover :

pixel1 / Pixabay

Within a few months, copper loses its luster and tarnishes. You can use a can of coke with a soft cloth to rub the tarnish away from your copper vessels. Afterward, rinse it with some warm water and pat dry with a cloth.

4- Putrefied Battery Cleaner :

HowToDoYourself / YouTube channel

Even if your car battery has plenty of power in it, dirty terminals can bring your vehicle to a halt. You can use Coke to clean your battery terminals at regular intervals. Make sure that you remove the battery first before you try to clean the terminals.

3- Window Cleaner :

Source : Wikimedia Commons

You don't need an expensive cleaner to keep your windows shiny and gleaming. The citric acid in Coca Cola can clean your windows perfectly and remove all the dirt. Citric acid is widely used for cleaning glass window panes. You can just use a cloth soaked in Coca Cola and gently rub your windows with it. After using the Coke for cleaning, don't forget to use plain water to remove any stickiness.

2- Coin Cleaner :

Source : http://www.wikihow.com

If you are a coin collector, there must be some coins in your collection that are too old and need to be cleaned. You only need a mug filled with some Coke, and you can dip all your coins in it. Wait for about half an hour before taking out the coins. Coca Cola will remove the deposited muck and make your coins shine like new. If you are not completely satisfied with the results as cleaning very old coins can be little tricky, you can repeat the process or increase the duration.

1- Floor Cleaner :

Source : http://www.remediesandherbs.com

For regular cleaning of the tile and vinyl floors, Coca Cola can work well with warm water. After mopping the floor with water mixed with Coca Cola, mop the floor with plain water. To Sum Up Now you know the practical uses of Coca Cola. The carbonated beverage contains ingredients such as phosphoric acid and citric acid that makes it an effective cleanser.

0- Chewing Gum Removal

There’s no need to panic if you’ve suddenly got bubblegum stuck to your hair. Pour some soda on the gum, and leave for several minutes. Then slowly and carefully remove the gum. The process is long, but it’s certainly better than cutting your hair off.

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