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10 DIY Last Minute Gifts That Everyone Will Love

(DIY) What does it mean? How is necessary for making last minute gifts? DIY is a method of modifying repairing and building something without any direct help from a professional or an expert. Apparently, Research has described DIY as developing an idea by an individual engaging in direct raw material and reconstruct or transform material possession. Is there any benefit acquiring this skill? Well, it’s a creative task to make the last time lovely gift. For instance, the festive season like Christmas this year may come fast which would be a stressful job to get a nice gift.

Sometimes you don’t have time to go out to purchase a lovely and thoughtful gift. You don’t have to worry because here is the right place for you. Below are 10 DIY last minute gifts that will help you get started with making a quick and easy lovely gift.

1. DIY Zen Garden

Put a personal mini zen garden that will help anyone relax and de-stress whenever they need to. Plus side. The DIY zen garden gift is one of the easiest and simpler to make.
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2. Map Artwork

For a memorable event such as a road trip with your friend which was the most enjoyable thing in your life, hand-stitch a piece of yarn onto a map of the place where you had the road trip. Map work will be bringing the joy you had together, and they will like it.
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3. Homemade Fort Kit


Fort kit is best for the kids. What you will need is a small suction cups, a clothe line, clamps, flat sheets; matching flashlight and a package of clothing pins.
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4. Kindle or Passport Cover

Creating a Kindle is easy. You will need to pick a folding case of your choice, adhesive paper, and scissors.
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5. Spa Trio

You don’t have to pay for a spa. Sometimes you can give someone a free home spa day by gifting them a small spa kit. Who does not love unique pampering?

6. Gemstone Soap

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If by chance you know one of your friend who loves a cute soap, make them one yourself. Out of the soap colorants, essential oil and soap base recreate a gemstone.

7. Gingerbread Cookie Cityscapes

Very easy here, modify a mason jar into a seasonal gift. Put a gingerbread cookie cityscape into it. You will end up with what seems like a snow globe without the snow.

8. DIY Stash Book

You don’t read an old book, and so, you can repurpose it into a secret stash book. Modify by adding a small money or keepsake.
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9. Scrabble Coasters


With few scrabble tiles together with glue, spray to turn them into coasters. Your inside jokes will be spelled out well.
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10. DIY Polaroid Magnet

Turn your favorite photo into a Polaroid magnet this way. Display your best photo in fun and a useful way.
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Therefore,having a last time gift to present to your friend, it is creative,unique,relatively inexpensive and efficient.

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