8 Completely Unexpected Uses for Plastic Food Wrap

Apart from keeping your food fresh and away from Bactria or fungus plastic food wrap has many unexpected use as well.

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1. Can keep your banana fresh.
If you cover the small top portion ( steam) of the banana with the plastic food warp, them the banana will not loose its moisture and freshness at least for few days.
You can feel the freshness as you have just brought it from the market.

2. A no spill cup of juice.
A leak proof glass of drink can be made if you cover the top portion of it tightly with the food warp. Just penetrate a straw in the center of it and rest is okay to use. Think of it as you are doing cardio workout in the gym and you need to take a sip of glucose.

3. A trap for flies.
If you are frustrated by the flies in your open garden kitchen, then it is worthy to spend two minutes for creating trap, as it can reduce your irritation. Take a small bowl and put sliced fruits into it. Now cover the top portion of it with a plastic food wrap. Now make a small hole in it. Now leave it for three to four hour. All the flies will get accumulated in the cup and they will not find a very obvious way to escape.

4. Shifting your luggage to your new home is much easier.
While shifting we usually empty our container, whether it is a table with a drawer or a chapatti pot.
It is a good idea to wrap them completely in plastic food wrap with sticking tape.
Once you are done the good will not come out in parts.

5. A delicious poached egg in new look.
Put your plastic food warp on a flat surface now grease it with vegetable oil, Now fold the wrap to make a small bag. Then put the bag into a boil water for three to four minutes. Sprinkle salt and black pepper , your delicious poach is ready.

6. Economical while painting you house.
While doing painting work with your paint roll or brush , wrap the rubbing surface of it with a plastic wrap. By doing so the moisture the painting surface will not lost. Do it if you are taking small break or stopping the current day work.

7. A clean refrigerator.
Cover you refrigerator shelves with the plastic food wrap. Suppose anything fall over the shelf surface like an orange juice or broken egg yolk. Then instead of doing a tough cleaning duty just replace it with other plastic cover.

8. A miniature greenhouse.
It is good idea to cover your flower pot with plastic cover during the sprouting period of any seed once you have done your watering task. As it will prevent the moisture loss significantly.

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