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8 Seriously Helpful Ideas for Improving your Child's Tiny Bedroom

Arranging small spaces is hard. And when this small space is your child's bedroom, then the task becomes herculean. A child's bedroom, as much as it is a place of rest and study, it is also their playground. So, how then do you fit their big play objects and the basics, like bed and desks, into a tiny room? Furthermore, how do you arrange it to be neat and eloquent with style? Well, don't sweat it. I got you covered. Here are simple tips to help improve your child's tiny space.

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8 Seriously Helpful Ideas for Improving Your Child's Tiny Bedroom.

1. Be creative with the corners
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The corners of a small room can comfortably accommodate boxes and even sofas, making the small space appear spacious.

2. Use a compacted unit
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A three-in-one unit consisting of a bed, book shelves and a reading desk. With all these in one place, and as a single unit, a lot of space is spared.
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3. Use boxes as storage for toys
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Boxes can be arranged in a way that promotes style in a room and at the same time make it neat.
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4. Use wall and bedside pockets as storage
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When these are present, study desks will be clear of their toys, thus maintaining neatness in the room.

5. Use the space under the bed, shoe tubes, wooden shoe rack and pocket shoe organizer
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These are perfect for, you guessed it, shoe storage. No more piling them up in a corner or leaving them scattered everywhere in the room.

6. Plastic baskets and 'book trees'
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These are great for storing books. The 'book tree' adds style to the room while also promoting space.

7. The floor as a playground
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The carpet can easily be converted into a racetrack.
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8. Use a perforated metal panel
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This is a great piece because it allows you to customize. You can choose the quantity of pegs, wall hooks and shelves according to your needs.
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