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9 Wonderful Handmade Things you can Create with your Kids

When it's handmade, it's full of love. So when your kids gives you their handmade items, they want you to cherish them. Moreover, you and your kids can have fun and bond at the same time handcrafting a range of items. Here are some creative and exceptional tips for things you can hand-craft.

9 Wonderful Handmade Things you can Create with your Kids.

1. An apron....but splash it with colour!
Turn a regular, simple apron into a colourful piece of art using acrylic watercolour or fabric paint. Don't just restric the painting to your brushes, for a fun experience, use any part of your body that can handle paint.

2. A ring holder
Some polymer clay and a tennis ball. Give these items to your kids and they'll transform it into an amazing, one-of -a-kind ring holder.

3. A unique mug
All your child needs to craft such a mug is a plain white mug and stained glass colors or some ceramic paints.

4. Striking crockery holders
Coloured pop sickle sticks can, indeed, inspire some art creativity into your child. For instance, they can easily make a colorful holder for their beloved cup.

5. A splashy cushion
For this work of art, some glue and special paints will certainly do the trick.

6. Shiny candle holders
Did you know that coarse salt, some glue and some food dye could result into bright candle holders?

7. Bath salts
You and your kids can hand-make this therapeutic product by mixing some sea salt, essential oils, and some food dye for a splash of color.

8. Wind chimes
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Got some old keys that are no longer useful? Don't trash them, instead, use them to make some wonderful wind chimes. You could also paint some 'blank' keys and then hang on colorful threads.

9. Magnets crafted out of salty dough
Cut the required quantity of pieces out of the dough you just prepared. Leave them to dry, and then paint. Afterwards, glue some magnets on their painted, dry backs. Easy does it!

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