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Cleaning Hacks - How To Clean Microfiber

Having microfiber in your dining chairs is a brilliant idea. However, the challenge that comes with investing in microfiber is that keeping them clean can be quite the task. What then, is the easiest way to clean microfiber? Read below to find out!


Items That you Will Need:

1. Windex.
2. Small brush for scrubbing

STEP 1 : Spray The Material with Windex.
Before embarking on your cleaning task, you should enure that the seats are free from any tangible dirt. Pick out any food grains to make the whole process easier. Make it a habit to clean the chairs after meals, especially if you have children who tend to be messy eaters. Next, spray the chairs with Windex. Be careful not to soak them in the liquid as this might keep the chairs wet for too long.

STEP 2 : Scrub with Your Brush.
Next, take your brush and start scrubbing while following the same direction. It is recommended that you put slightly more effort on areas with food stains for best results. After scrubbing, tuck the chairs under your table.

STEP 3: Let It Dry.
Spritzed chairs dry up quite fast and so this activity can be done during the day.

It takes only a few minutes to get your chairs to look good as new. Taking care of your furniture is just as important as keeping your house in check. Keep your chairs clean to protect them from damage and save money!

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