10 Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Make You Look Like a Culinary Genius

Whether you are a world-renowned chef or just trying to learn of how to whip up a few meals from the many recipes you have always wanted to try, investing in these genius kitchen gadgets will save you the cost of purchasing additional utensils and even prevent any accidents you may have in the kitchen.
Here are the 10 kitchen gadgets I have put together for you.

1. Garlic twister
The garlic twister is not only convenient for avoiding the garlic smell from getting on your hands while crushing them, but also providing a faster and easy method of crushing your cloves.
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2. The Negg
The egg is one of the most genius ways invented for peeling your boiled egg each and every morning. It provides a less messy method of peeling eggs too.
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3. The snap n strain
The snap n strain gizmo is made of silicone and is less likely to cause you any burns. Snap n strain can be easily fitted on all pots and pans and used for all of your training purposes in the kitchen.
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4. Staybowlizer
A stabilizer is a silicon-based gadget that can be fitted at the base of your bowls to keep them still while mixing your ingredients.
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5. Flexible measuring cups
Reduce any kitchen spillages with these flexible measuring cups. They are heat resistant and highly unlikely to chemically react with food.
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6. Snapi
Snapi is a gadget shaped like the Venus fly trap that can be used to easily scoop a serving of food reducing any potential spillage in the process.
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7. Knork
A knock is a fork, spoon, and knife all in one. The gadget can be used for either purpose reducing the need to have each of the products at your disposal.
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8. Kovenex- fire blanket
The Lovenox is one of the many genius ideas created to prevent any fires in the kitchen. The blanket can be used to swiftly kill a fire that could be potentially dangerous to you.
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9. Watermelon slicer
The watermelon slicer allows you to swiftly cut up slices of your favorite fruit without making any messes in the kitchen.
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10. Cake Slicer
From its name, the cake slicer will make it easier to slice up your favorite cake desserts after a hearty meal.
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