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10 Impossibly Cool Crafts For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

Truth be told! There are just some activities that you never get old for. Sometimes, as a grown-up, you would want to reconnect with your childhood, and what better way to achieve this than to engage in kids' crafting. This activity is filled with messy fun and it's also a great way to spark imagination and creativity. Here are some crafts that you can try at home.

10 Impossibly Cool Crafts For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

1. Fun wall decor
Cardboard looms, pom poms, yarn, plastic needles and regular twigs are a recipe for creativity. With these ingredients, you can make super cute decor for your walls.

2. Colorful birdhouses
Are you looking for a less messy technique of decorating your 99-cent birdhouses? How about using some modeling clay splashed with color? So, instead of using grass for your roof, you could venture into a more unique approach.

3. Science-inspired slime
Jungle slime anyone? It's messy, but a great craft, nonetheless. Once your slime is ready, you can play with it, preferably outdoors, away from your expensive furniture and carpet.

4. Splashy sun catchers
With this project, you don't even have to step outside to complete it. In the comfort of your air-conditioned kitchen, melt your plastic beads in the oven and create these marvelous sun catchers.

5. Lovely recycled flowers
Have you tried this yet? It's easy as 1,2,3... In the oven, heat clean plastic cups and carve the melted recycled plastic into bouquets or even a flower garden.

6. Fruit stamps
 If you love fun patterns then you will be impressed by stamps made out of fruits. Just grab your fruit of choice, it could be a pear, an orange, an apple or even a combination of all, slice it in half, then, using a foam brush, cover the slices with paint and stamp your chosen fabric. Your eyes will absolutely love the juicy prints!

7. Unique kaleidoscope
You don't have to be a physics wizard to create this masterpiece. All you need is a cardboard tube, pieces of reflective paper and a great bead selection. One you are done filling your tube with these gems, you will be amazed by the many patterns created by this unique craft.

8. Simple pendulum
Photo by: Rob Tannenbaum. Courtesy of The Martha Stewart Show. Copyright© 2012.
Do you know what a mere water bottle and paint can do for your life? Simple answer... They can make it fun! By filling the water bottle with paint, you can make swirly colourful patterns, the size of Goliath. So, don't waste away in boredom....try pendulum painting today!

9. Dinosaur fossils
This can be achieved using salt dough and dinosaur toys. Before your salt dough dries out, press the lovely dinosaur toys into them to act as fossils. And you could take the adventure a notch higher by incorporating a sandbox in which you can hide the fossils for later "excavation".

10. Lightsabers carved from taped pool noodles
The harsh truth is that crafting this art will take hours, but the good news is that, they will last on the playground. You will be able to have fun with these crafts for even longer hours.

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