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7 Cleaning & Organizing Hacks That Will Soothe Your Inner Neat Freak

Cleaning a house seems like a simple task unless you are a clean freak. Here are a few tips for you to make it as neat as possible.

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1. Use a Butter Knife to Clean Oven Vents
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Take a butter knife, wrap it in a paper towel, and then dip it in your preferred cleaner. Warm soapy water may be an alternative to cleaners in this case. Swipe the butter knife in-between the vents. Doing so removes dirt, grime, and food particles.

2. Use a Broom to Clean Your Bathtub
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Scrubbing a bathtub takes a toll on your back, but using a broom to wash your tub helps you avoid this kind of difficulty.

3. The KonMari Method Works
Productive and Pretty
This Japanese method of folding clothes is fantastic. In fact, it has a high level of organizational efficiency that surprises many people. You will also need fewer drawers than you previously had. That means you can create additional space for storage of other items.

4. Clean the Vacuum Filter in Your Dishwasher
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Take your dirty vacuum filter, toss it in your dishwasher, and then add a few cups of vinegar. It will be super clean in a short time. That means you can focus on other things as your dishwasher does the work for you.

5. Towel Racks on Your Bedroom Door Is an Excellent Idea
Buy a couple of them from your nearest hardware store. Hang them on your bedroom door and use them as holders for your shoes or accessories.

6. Use an Old Toothbrush to Clean Your Garbage Disposal
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An old toothbrush and a bit of dishwashing soap work well when it comes to cleaning the outermost regions of your garbage disposal. Clean it from the outside to the inside. Doing so flushes the dirt and grime into the drain.

7. Toilet Paper Tube Cleans Your Window Tracks Perfectly
Flatten one end of the tube. Attach it to a vacuum hose, place it on your window tracks, and then clean the tracks thoroughly.

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