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10 Designer Tips for a Comfortable and Cozy Home

Every one of us wishes to keep our home look good and inviting always. While some people hire interior decorators for this, many people try to do it by themselves. Actually, there are no hard and fast rules to follow while decorating any room of your house. You just require some time, little money and a lot of creativity. Here are some few tips that will help you in making the interior decoration look clean and complete even if you are an amateur designer.

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  • Leave adequate space between furniture.

If you have a small space, then do not cover it with so many furniture. Try to get one or two essential ones and keep it simple and spacious. You can go for more than two or three seater sofas and additional furniture for a big space. But follow the rule to leave enough space between the furniture. Otherwise, the room may look very congested. Only airy and spacious room look good.

  • Arranging the furniture on the rug
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Many of us do not use rugs at home, but rugs can give an entirely new, sophisticated look to your room. Another critical factor is to arrange the furniture on the rug perfectly. If you have a large carpet, then try to have all the living room furniture legs on it for a luxurious feel. If you have a smaller rug, you can place them in the center, so the borders of the rug touch the legs of all furniture.

  • Hang the artwork at the right height

If your room ceiling soars very high, then do not attempt to hang wall art, photo frames and other artwork at a great height to compete for the ceiling. But keep it at the right height to attract eyeballs of your guests.

  • Create a focal point

Creating a focal point in any room is nothing but making one vital accent to pop up and dominate other objects to create focus. It need not be a decorative element always; you can make a unique hood as a focal point in your kitchen, or a headboard in the bedroom or a big clock in the dining.

  • Choose the right decorative piece.
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Never overdo with decorations, keep it less and simple. Crowding the living room with decorative accents may make the room look so overpowered. Instead have only a few attractive, elegant pieces to adorn your shelves. It is also essential to choose the right one for the right room. A decorative piece that looks so attractive in the living room may not do the same job in the laundry.

  • Choose right lighting Lighting.
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Play a significant role in home decor. Even a simple decor can look very sophisticated with the right light. Adding perfect layers of light can create a mood, intrigue, and change. Never forget to use focus lights at the focal point that you have created in the room. Also, allow natural light to flow inside your house.

  • Add colors to your abode to make it look livelier.

Replace your window drapes with new colorful curtains or if you don't want to change your curtains, try some creative ways to update your window treatments to renew your decor for this season. Tie your free fall curtains with braided or fringed tiebacks to give a new look to your room.

  • Accentuate your colorful decor by bringing some unique decorative accents like table lamps, scented candles, wall arts, and other decorating essentials.

Ensure that these decorating articles match with the existing theme or wall color of your abode correctly to define your decor more clearly.

  • An enchanting home fragrance is as important as other home decorating accents.
Don't rely on home fresheners alone; create a fresh smelling abode by keeping beautiful scented candles that are available in different designs. A signature aroma is much-needed to accentuate your home decor.

  • For adding more value to your room interiors, nail up beautiful wall arts.
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Hang art pieces that give a hint about your style and describe your personality. Classy paintings would be the best choice for traditional home decor, while modern art pieces would suit the contemporary decor.

These useful but straightforward home design tips will help you in creating the perfectly decorated house.

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