10 DIY Gift You’ll Want To Keep For Yourself

DIY gifts are the way to go – They cost you nothing, they are easy to do, no shipping costs involved and most importantly, you get to have fun while making them.
So here are some DIY gifts that you will definitely not want to share with anyone.

1. Embossed Luggage Tag
This is for all you wanderlusts. And if you have not had to tie your scarf to your suitcase just so you don’t lose your bags at the airport then you don’t know the struggle. The beauty with is you can emboss your name, contacts and a personalized funny message that you would not normally find on a luggage tag.

2. Instagram Coasters
If you can do it for the gram then you can definitely do it for the coasters. How beautiful would it be if you selected your most profound memories as frozen on pictures and made them into a coaster? So every time you have coffee then you will have the view of you and your friends at the Eiffel tower to go along with it.
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3. Cuffed Hat
Winter is coming so you need to arm yourself with the snugly and comfy wear and cuffed hats are just the perfect match for that.
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4. Tube-Bead Necklace
Tube bead necklaces go with any outfit and they are easy to make so why not keep them?
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5. Animal Bookends
Cassie Freeman / hisugarplum.blogspot.com
You love books and you love animals. With this, you could not ask for more.
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6. Mason Jar Globe
Julie Ann Art / julieannart.com
This is perfect for anybody with a table so I guess that is everyone.

7. Message hairpins
Erin Souder / houseofearnest.com
Holding up a pony tail or a man bun has never been this cool and easy. Perfect for a bad hair day.
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8. Sleep mask
This is perfect for everyone. Imagine all the funny messages and animal faces you can draw on this.
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9. Wire vase
A Beautiful Mess / abeautifulmess.com
Glass vases are so 19 century. Wire vases gift your home with that minimalist ambience and European interior deco that it so deserves. Perfect for anybody with a house.
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10. Magnetic wristband
Nothing says DIY more than a magnetic wrist band. This is perfect for anybody who is obsessed with fixing things (you can use it to hold screws) or hairdressers.
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