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10 Ways To Turn Ordinary Rope Into a Designer Item

Did you know that ropes can be used in home decor? Yes, ordinary rope can be used to transform your home and make into a more elegant looking place. There are so many ways in which this can be done. Here are 10 ways in which you can turn ordinary rope into design items:

1. Artistic flower pots
You can turn ordinary rope into stunning and stylish flower pots. This is quite easy to do. One way to do it is by winding the rope around an empty pot. Be careful while doing it and try to create neat and intricate patterns. Better still, use a mix of colors for a more artistic outcome.

2. Unique designs for table mat
You can use ordinary rope to make one of a kind of table mats. Flexibility of rope allows you to make different shapes of table mats. Circular table mats for instance are easy to design from rope and look very stylish once done.

3. Colorful laundry baskets
With just a little bit of artistic skill and knowledge, you can wove ordinary rope into a beautiful basket for holding your laundry. All you need to do is to just concentrate and keenly follow the pattern you're working with. Baskets made from rope are very durable and will therefore last you long.

4. Rustic fruit bowls
You can use ordinary rope to create a countryside ambience in your living room. This, you can do by weaving rope into fruit bowls. Be sure to use sisal ropes for a more natural and authentic look.

5. Beautiful stationery jar
With the aid of adhesives and stitching, you can turn ordinary rope into an awesome looking stationery jar. You can then use this to store your office stationery and keep your space neat and tidy. Remember to add decorative buttons for even better results.

6. Elegant lampshade
You can create elegant lamp shades out of ordinary rope. The beautiful thing about this is the uniqueness of the whole idea. Expect to have people ask where you obtained such rare and classy lamp shades.

7. Creative mirror frames
You can roll up a rope into a mirror frame. Here too, you can come up with various shapes owing to the flexibility of rope. Try going for a white-colored rope or any other lighter color. Light and subtle colors tend to look better on mirror frames.

8. A stylish coffee table
This is perhaps one of the best things you can ever do with a rope, making a coffee table. You are going to need a strong and multiple-ply sisal for you coffee table. This ensures the stability and practicality of the table. You don't want a table on which you can't even place your coffee mug, do you?

9. A floor rug
Yes, you can also turn a rope into a floor rug. All you need to do is to just pick out a stunning pattern and then work around it. You'll actually find many expensive rugs which are made from nothing but sisal or fabric rope.

10. Amazing jewelry
To close the list, you can turn your rope into jewelry and accessories. You can for example make necklaces and bracelets using rope. For more sparkling finishes, you can add metal and even gemstone.

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